Happy New Years Everyone - "Force your dreams to come true"

Jan 7th UPDATE:  Our departure was delayed due to some unexpected problems with our refrigeration system and one of our air conditioners.  Anyway, we finally got underway December 5th.  Brad and I left Isle of Wight, GA heading south planning to pick Lisa up at St. Augustine, FL.  She arrived and Brad decided to continue on with us south to visit his brother, Mike in Vero Beach, FL.  We arrived and waited in Vero for about a week while the Gulf Stream rocked with 18-20'+ seas.  When the stream finally settled down to the 5-7' range, we set out of Fort Pierce, FL Inlet at 11pm on Dec 14th. We filed a float plan with my brother detailing our 10 coordinates and expected trip duration of 24-30 hours in case of emergency.  We motored the first straight 9 hours in fairly nasty and rough seas but by morning of Dec 15th we entered onto the Little Bahama Bank where the water flattened to pond like glass and turned turquoise blue for the next 17 hours of our trip.  Total duration 26 hours and 195 miles.  We arrived at the Green Turtle Club in Green Turtle Cay (GTC), Abacos on Dec 16th at approximately 1:30am.

Since then we've had a good time visiting with our good friends and hosts Ben, Teresa and their lovely daughter Sarah Grace Parrish.  We flew home for Christmas on the 22nd to spend time in Charlotte, NC with my mother Jan and my brother Chris and his wife Stephanie and their son Hayden and brand new daughter Lydia.  Then we traveled down to visit Lisa's side of the family including her dad Lamar, mother Frances, sisters Lynn and Terri, brother-in-laws Joe and Charlie and nephew Joey.  We had a nice Christmas although it's not what it used to be since my dad past away - it was his and our famiy's favorite time of year. 

We arrived back in GTC on December 28th.  Two of our best friends came down for New Year's.  There flight was postponed due to maintenance problems and they were not able to get there on New Year's Eve as planned and spent New Year's Eve in Nassau but they had a good   time and we all celebrated New Year's Eve on New Year's Day (can you say run-on sentence - sorry).  We shot fireworks, ate lots of good food, went to a Junkanoo festival that was a great time.  Junkanoo is the Bahamian New Year's festival where everyone dresses up, beats on drums and bells, and dances in the street.  Quite a good time.

We are currently performing some maintenance then leaving GTC in the next week or so heading to the Eleutherens on our way to the Exumas to meet some friends down there in Georgetown.  We now have resolved our internet issues I hope for good and we should be updating our web page with lots of pictures and more current updates with our happenings.

Wishing you all the very best as we struggle through our first year of early retirement w/ little anticipation or consideration for re-entering the workforce in a year.  Until that painful day we return to the working class    "EVERYDAY'S JUST A HOLIDAY"

Update early Novemer 2006: 

Lisa and I are currently preparing for our departure to the Bahamas in mid November.  We will be exploring several island chains for approximately 4 months then returning to Midway, Ga.  At that time, we will restock and take off on our GREAT LOOP trip sometime in early to mid April 2007.  The delay was caused by my extension at BellSouth which caused us to miss the window we needed for departure.  In addition, the extra time is giving us a valuable opportunity to learn more about our new boat while taking many side trips this summer.  And, we have also been able to sell some things which certainly helps financially extend our cruising time.  We are very excited and eager to get underway.  Please feel free to drop us an email anytime or call us (see contact info page) albeit I've been slow to read my emails for the past couple of months and will TRY to DO BETTER!!

Peace and Goodwill to you all,

Craig & Lisa Duncan

Hello Everyone Interested in What Lisa and I are doing,

As many of you know, we have decided to take a little 8,000 mile boat trip up the east coast to the northeastern U.S. then through the Great Lakes into the midwestern river system down to the Gulf of Mexico via Mobile Bay, Al.  Then we will head around the west coast of Florida to the Dry Tortugas, the Keys then a few island chains in the Bahamas including the Abacos and the Exumas.  Several of you have asked us to send emails updating you on where we are and how our trip is progressing including family members who may be worried about us.  Never fear, we have done our homework, prepared for the worst, optimistically expecting the best and hoping for trailing winds and following seas all the way - oh well, one can only hope!!!

We hope to provide a rough journal of our activities and travels including pictures of our First Year of Retirement to be followed by a couple of years of income producing work then hopefully our Second Year of Retirement to be followed by a couple of years of income producing work then hopefully our Third Year of Retirement........you guys are smart, you get the picture, DON"T YOU!!!!

With kindest regards to you all and our deepest regret for missing all the traffic jams in Atlanta and the trials and tribulations of going to work everyday.  Please accept our condolences if you happen to encounter any of these unfortunate life experiences,

Craig & Lisa Smoak Duncan of the M/Y Gecko - Isle of Wight, Georgia