List of Things to do

1.  Finalize all paper and electronic chart requirements - DONE

2.  Contact New York Canal System via snail mail and request - N ew York State Canal System Corporation; P.O. Box189, Albany, NY 12201--189 or via http:/ / - select Reduced Depth Notice to Mariners under Notice to Mariners section

3.  Take Mast down off the Gecko to check the max height restriction I will  need to abide by which will dictate the route I take if transversing the NY Canal System - Min: 15' 6" height restrictions and 8' draft.  --NEED to verify absolute height after dropping the mast on our Trawler. - DONE

4.  Repair Windlass on the Gecko - DONE

5.  Purchase necessary shore power adaptors

6.  Design better way for moving Dinghy into water - DONE

7. Completete evaluation of trip alternatives and get travel areas - DONE

8.  Fix locking handles on dinghy engine - DONE

9.  Repair broken shear pin in the motor - DONE

10.  Inventory ALL items on boat - DONE

11.  Purchase all necessary spare parts not already in stock

12.  Purchase pickling solution for my S & KWater Maker (reverse osmosis desalianater - DONE

13.  Complete dock application w/ Corp of Engineers for dock expnsion

14.  Install sprinkler system at coast house so county can sod yard and complete repairs - CANCELLED

15. Finish installing flagstone at my mother's house in Statesboro

16. Repair pillisters - IN PROGRESS

17.  Install new main engine - 200HP Yanmar Diesel - DONE